Monday, February 8, 2010

Dusk Aromatics Fine Fragrance for the Home

More than 200 years ago French scientists invented the world’s most revolutionary and effective fragrance system for the home – a lamp that only works once you’ve blown it out. 

Now it’s Australia’s turn to experience the luxury and romance with the Aromatics Fragrance System by Dusk. Aromatics brings the luxury of the old world to modern life by combining fine fragrance from leading European perfumeries with a science dating back centuries, the result is the most amazing home fragrance solution ever seen in Australia.

Instead of a flame, the elegant aromatics lamp creates scent through a unique catalytic process that allows fine fragrance to travel up the wick and through a porous stone before dispersing to fill the room so filling your home with scent that lasts has never been easier.

From gentle floral to refreshing citrus, the aromatics collection has a dozen designer fragrances to suit every style. The selection includes Elegance (bergamont & rose), Illuminating (mandarin and ylang), Amber Night (floral and lemon), Exotic Addiction (gardenia and grapefruit) and Silky Blossom (jasmine and orange flower). There are also five perfume bottles to choose from to add a stylish, decorative touch to any home.

Fragrance lamps first rose to fame in France in the mid 1800's and quickly became an interior lifestyle revolution in Parisian and international homes of taste. They were a favourite among many 20th century style and artistic icons, including Coco Chanel and Jean Cocteau.

Now it's Australia's turn to enter a new era in home fragrance with the Dusk aromatics fragrance system.

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