Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Book by John-Paul Bell, founder of the Humour Foundation


‘In this book you’re going to meet some of the Clown Doctors. More importantly, you’re going to meet some of the 85 000 people – the patients and their families – we see in an average year in the course of our work. We think we’ve met the most amazing people in Australia; we think we’re still meeting them every single day. Of course, you can be the judge of that, but I’ll reckon you’ll agree...’

Uplifting, extraordinary stories from Australia's children's hospitals and wards - of the children themselves, of the parents and families who support them, of the extraordinary staff who help them, and of the Clown Doctors who make them all smile.

Clown Doctors work in hospitals around Australia, and overseas, to give children, especially, the opportunity to play, laugh and sing at a time when everything else in their lives is painful. Actors by training, the Clown Doctors sense the mood around the sick bed, and in pairs they fall into routines that will relieve some tension and entertain, or they will simply be there to listen.

Meet Dr B Looney, Dr Know-It-All and many more as they perform complex red-nose transplants, ‘cat’ scans and those tricky funny bone examinations. The Doctors above all help children to forget their illness for a moment and return to a world of fun and play.

The Clown Doctors touch the lives of over 85 000 people every year, and are now a
familiar - and welcome - part of most major Australian children’s hospitals. In this moving new book we follow a day in the life of a group of Clown Doctors, and go with them on their rounds, meeting patients, their parents and the hospital staff. Laugh and cry at these true stories of daily life in Australia's children's hospitals.

Co-founder of the Clown Doctors in Australia, Jean-Paul Bell
is a Clown Doctor, a humour consultant, keynote speaker and writes scripts, concepts and performances. From a background in mime, his career has spanned 40 years in theatre, comedy, festivals, schools, television, and in corporate and educational films. In 2002 Jean-Paul visited Afghanistan for ‘Patchwork for Peace’ together with 22 clowns from around the world. This is his first book.

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