Thursday, March 11, 2010

Paul Smith for Stelton

These fabulous tea and coffee pots from Stelton are a unique and interesting way to serve morning tea to your guests… Read on below for notes on the design of this quirky kitchenware range from Stelton.

When the starting point for a new design project is a genuine classic that can withstand any challenge, there is considerable room for creative license. That is why Stelton could give Paul Smith free reins with "the crown jewels", Arne Jacobsen's iconic Cylinda-Line coffee and teapots, and the more recent coffee press.

The results are as simple as they are spectacular. S
howing deep respect for the ingenious design principles of the original products, Paul Smith has concentrated his colourful imagination on Cylinda-Line handles, lending a modern, optimistic look to Jacobsen's classics. The tableware takes on new life, and extends its appeal to a new audience which will now become aware of some of the world's most functional and stylish utensils. Those already familiar with Stelton design will also be drawn to Cylinda-Line?s new take on colours.

AddColour is being produced in a limited edition in 2010 and is available in three colour ranges: pastel, primary and soft.

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