Friday, March 19, 2010

Survival for the Active Family
Survival For The Active Family by Burke and Australian Institute of Sport Staff

Produced in association with the Australian Institute of Sport, a lavishly illustrated cookbook featuring recipes for healthy fuss-free, family meals as well as tips for incorporating activity into even the busiest family life. Since the first AIS cookbook Survival for the Fittest was published our understanding of the importance of food and nutrition for an active and healthy lifestyle has continued to grow. Also, many of the athletes to feature in the book have become parents and are now experiencing the pleasures, and problems, of food and family. 

A family's main interaction is often over food, and food habits develop from the family experience. But a busy life makes it challenging to eat well and be active. It can be difficult to share meals and involve your children in cooking, but it's this experience that helps them to develop healthy diets and healthy attitudes to food. This fourth cookbook is full of recipes and tips to help you create fuss-free, healthy meals for your family. Some of the AIS past and present athletes share their stories of food and family, and the Institute's activity experts share tips on incorporating activity into your family's life. The aim is to provide that extra bit of motivation to lead a healthy, active family.

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