Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Government Solar Rebates

Government Solar Rebates are available of up to $13,000. Solar panels convert free energy from the sun into electricity to power your home. The green electricity you generate and don’t use is sold back to the grid, which is an effective way to combat the sky-rocketing electricity prices. Solar power is clean, adds value to your home, and once installed is free.

Yes Solar offers forward thinking and forward acting solutions that can help you watch your electricity meter go backwards. So what on earth are you waiting for? Get an online quote today and find out how many Solar Credits your family is eligible for!
• Get credited to clean up your carbon footprint
• Can reduce your electricity bills to zero
• Sell your electricity at a PREMIUM rate
• 25 year performance guarantee.
• Protect against rising electricity prices
• Increase the value of your home
• Save tonnes of greenhouse gasses
• Clean returns that rise with the sun!

Visit Yes Solar for more information


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