Thursday, June 24, 2010

Woodroc Design

Is it a Trivett or table runner, dining centre piece or hotpot stand, wine accessory or serving tray, cheese board or tapas platter? Call it what you want, and use it however you wish – the  Woodroc Design Trivetts look stunning and are really versatile!

The current Woodroc Design Trivett blends ‘hard to find’, carefully selected elements, with the design reflecting the divine gift and romance of marriage. The convex curve represents man, whilst the concave curve – woman. The two are joined together, and have become one, as in marriage. They are bound together by love, which is represented through the convex profile which borders and flows around all sides the frame. Granite provides incredible hardness, second only to diamonds, and is surrounded by the hardwood frame which provides strength and support. The result is greater than the sum of the parts, a thing of great beauty and lasting benefit.

Phillip and Deborah, creators of Woodroc design, draw inspiration from the towering forests, dramatic coastal granite cliffs and spectacular beaches stretching from their home in Albany, through Denmark and Walpole, to Margaret River in the south of Western Australia. Woodroc Design is the expression of their desire to create and share with you absolutely unique items made from increasingly rare and beautiful elements – primarily hand chosen WA hardwood and selected granite.

Woodroc gifts are thoroughly designed to be both beautiful and practical in any home or professional office, for years to come.

The Woodroc Design Trivett has many practical uses, including:

• Dining Room – perfect for hot casserole dishes straight from the oven. Protects your dining table! Also perfect for placing of wine bottles or serving food directly on it.
• Kitchen – Use it for food preparation if you like.
• Lounge – Perfect for protecting your occasional table from hot coffee or tea pots.
• Alfresco – Great on your outdoor table on those special occasions.
• Board Room – Perfect for those coffee pots and cold drinks on the board table.
• Professional Waiting Room – A very classy & artistic object for your occasional table!
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