Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bill Burrows at Salon Rouge Gallery

Nothing brings a home to life like art! It can create a whole new dimension in a room, adding atmosphere and depth. Art is a very personal choice and so you should always choose artworks that "speak" to you... Salon Rouge's latest exhibition features artist Bill Burrows, whose work uses an evocative use of colour  combined with a haunting simplicity.

‘My paintings spring from my inner vision. I explore the tension between the layers of paint, and the magic when an idea is brought to life on canvas.’ - Bill Burrows.

Bill Burrows grew up on the working class streets in Melbourne’s Industrial West in the 50s and 60s, a landscape that has all but disappeared with gentrification and development. Bill paints glimpses of his remembered childhood. The sea, boats and navigation, horses, boys and dogs, are regular subjects as he explores figurative and narrative themes of love, fear, loss, grief, anxiety and insecurity. His work is characterised by luscious rich surfaces, often textured and a confident drawing/painting style.


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