Monday, July 5, 2010

Butterfly Art...

Dunk Island Butterfly

We have recently discovered Nest Emporium - a gorgeous store in Thirroul, an hours drive south of Sydney. The store is filled with the sweetest selection of homewares, gifts and knick-knacks, so you can imagine how pleased we were to hear that they have an online store, with a flat rate of delivery!

We love the range of butterfly art they have available at the moment. A word from the wise - if you see something you love, snap it up! This store is a favourite with locals, so chances are you wont find the same products next visit!

Blue Metallic Butterfly

This incredible specimen is the Queen of butterflies - a Morpho Menalaus large metallic blue butterfly in black frame. Size : 18.5 x 18.5cm

Green Butterfly

Real preserved Papilio palinurus in black frame. Size: 12.5 x 12.5cm

Yellow Butterfly

Papilio lycrophon in black frame. Size: 12.5x12.5cm


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