Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Convert Family Videos to DVD

As VHS becomes increasingly obsolete, it can be a major concern that the old family videos will be lost forever as the video degrades or VHS players break and become irreplaceable. There is now some great software available that can transfer your old analog family videos for playback on the devices you watch today! Roxio Easy VHS to DVD makes it simple to convert and preserve VHS movies and camcorder tapes for playback on DVD,or portable devices like your iPod® and iPhone™. You can also easily add transitions, Hollywood-style menus, and chapters.

Use Roxio Easy VHS to DVD to:

• Transfer video of holiday fun from VHS tapes or analog devices to DVD in just a few clicks

• Edit your movies in iMovie to add titles, transitions and other effects (Mac version)

• Choose from professionally designed menu styles to enhance your DVDs

• Post video to YouTube™ or your favorite social networking sites

Available for Mac and PC

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