Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Max Brenner Celebrates 10 Years of Chocolate in Australia

He is the man responsible for starting the chocolate cafe phenomenon in Australia... he’s provided the Australian public with more than a whopping 1000 tonnes of cocoa, Max Brenner, the undisputed King of Chocolate is celebrating 10 years in the nation he has made the chocolate capital of the world!

Since opening the first ever Max Brenner Chocolate Bar in Sydney in July 2000, more than 12 million people have visited his 19 Australian stores, collectively consuming enough hot chocolates to fill at least 2 Olympic sized swimming pools! But when Max Brenner – or The Bald Man, as he is affectionately known – first mapped out his career plans he never would have guessed he would be celebrating ten years in the chocolate industry.

Beginning with nothing but a small mixer and basic kitchen tools in an alleyway store back in 1995, Max worked towards developing his new dream into a reality – the creation of a global chocolate culture. Now operating over 25 stores worldwide with four new store openings planned in Australia just this year and a mega-store in Las Vegas to open on the 5th of August, the Max Brenner culture is one that truly resonates with people of all nationalities.

Max Brenner Chocolate Bars feature a scrumptious menu and a wide range of delicious desserts, including Max’s famous Banana Praline Crepes ( $14.50) and 21 different hot chocolates. This year, the Bald Man is introducing Dark Arabian Nights Hot Chocolate ( $5.85, exotic blend of sweet sesame & dark chocolate with a subtle fragrance of rose petals) & Milk Pina Colada Hot Chocolate ( $5.85, tropical blend of lychee & milk chocolate with a floating coconut-pineapple marshmallow pillow) as his limited edition hot chocolates to be savoured over the winter.

If you’ve been waiting for an excuse to celebrate by indulging yourself in chocolate, Max Brenner’s 10th anniversary is the perfect occasion! Whether you want to indulge yourself in Max Brenner’s BODY collection, attempt your hand at following his recipes, or spend a decadent afternoon at a Max Brenner Chocolate Bar with a friend, Max has the chocolate experience covered!

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