Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pupcakes: For Your Pooch Only

Sydney’s favorite Cupcakery ‘Sparkle’, conveniently located on Foveaux Street, Surry Hills, right in the heart of doggie land, has once again stepped out of the square to offer a special treat, ‘Pupcakes’. With an ever growing trend of puppy pampering you would feel bad not to give your pooch the special treatment. 

Treat your pooch to a delicious cupcake made entirely from dog friendly ingredients including whole meal flour, grated apple, apple juice and honey, topped with ground meaty doggy treats and a carob dollop in the shape of paw prints or dog bones. 

Take-home ‘Pupcakes’ are offered in Sparkle packaging with a sticker sealing the bag or box "For Your Pooch Only". The mini size ‘Pupcakes’ are $3 each for 'eat now' or $6 for two take away in a luxury Sparkle bag, making this a perfect gift for any pooch.



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