Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Enjoy an Extraordinary Lifestyle on Your Terms

Jules Dawson is one of those people with their heart set on making a difference in the world. Having grown up in an environment of poverty, discrimination and political turmoil, Jules knows firsthand what it feels like to struggle.

Today, Jules can proudly say he has helped thousands of Australians take the first step towards living the life they love through financial freedom. Jules coaches specialized seminars aimed to help ordinary Australians create extraordinary wealth. Now Julian is on another mission to help even more Australians by sharing all of his investing secrets in his latest tell-all title Wealth Wisdom.

Like many Australians, Jules has spent many years climbing the corporate ladder, working 70 hour weeks and having little time for the things he truly loved. Feeling frustrated with his lifestyle of all work and no play, Jules looked towards investing and began to devour every investment book he could find. He studied and researched day and night and spent thousands of hours trialing all investment techniques. Then in 2001, after much emotional and financial stain, Julian discovered the winning formula. 

Julian had identified the critical components of successful investing and worked out how to consistently make money through investing in property and the share market for income, growth and long-term financial wealth. It was a specific ‘road-to-riches’ system that anyone could use.

This isn’t just any get-rich-quick scheme, with Julian as proof that in a short time, anyone can learn the skills of investing and enjoy an extraordinary lifestyle on their terms. Julian no longer has to work and is dedicating his life to teaching others how to become financially free.


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