Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lost classic reveals how to get lucky in 2011

In The Secret and in the recent release The Power, author Rhonda Byrne revealed the law of attraction and showed people how to truly live an amazing life. Now for the first time in 25 years, Max Gunther’s classic How to Get Lucky has been republished, giving the readers the power to change their lives one thought at a time.

Since the dawn of time there have been lucky and unlucky people. These are those who have been blessed by lady fortune and those who can never seem to cut a break.

What if I told you that luck is something that you can posses and learn how to use instead of being ‘that thing’ that only some fortunate people have.
How to Get Lucky dispels that luck is something that people either have or don’t have, it is actually something quite tangible that you can use to get the ‘fortunate’ life you want.

How to Get Lucky gives you, and ironically so, the 13 weird and wonderful techniques to help you get Lady Luck on your side for good. 


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