Monday, October 18, 2010

Profile: Cinnamon Harper - PartyLite Consultant

As part of a new feature on The Bride's Diary Blog, we will be introducing you to individuals who work in the wedding, home and lifestyle industries... giving you an insight into who they are and why they love what they do!

This week we have been chatting with Cinnamon Harper,  a PartyLite consultant, about why she loves helping people decorate their homes, her great travel experiences and her wonderful family....

Tell us a little about your business...

PartyLite is a global party plan company. We have a beautiful range of fragranced candles and quality home decorating accessories. These products create an ambience of warmth, romance and style. Our Catalogue is constantly being updated and refreshed. My goal is to help decorate people’s homes for free by having them host an in home shopping experience.

What is your role in the business and why are you passionate about it?

My role is to introduce people to the business and guide them into creating a successful business for themselves through training and mentoring. We are in business for ourselves not by ourselves. It inspires me to know I can help women to believe in themselves and that they can achieve their dreams and goals.

How long have you been working in the industry?

I began as a founding consultant in Queensland in 2002 and have since developed a region Australia wide.

What are some of your past business experiences?

Prior to PartyLite I was a successful salesperson, however I never saw the benefits of the sales I made. With PartyLite I receive all the rewards from the effort I put in.

What is one of your favourite recollections from your business?

I achieved a free incentive trip to St Louis in the States to attend a national conference. It was unbelievable - all expenses paid, and five star all the way.

• Tell us a bit about your family and home life.

I have a 10 year old son who is very charismatic - he enjoys bike riding, music and computers. My partner Peter is an Energy trader and works a shift roster. This combined with my flexible hours enables us to have quality time together not just on the weekends. We have a toy poodle, Buddy, who is very entertaining.

How do you enjoy spending your spare time?

Family bush walking and enjoying my home state of Tasmania's natural beauty. Exercising, Yoga and we love taking the dog to the beach.

What is your most memorable life experience?

Having my beautiful son Alexander. PartyLite has allowed me to be around for him and not miss out on any of the little things in life.

What are your plans for the future?

To keep sharing the freedom and flexibility that PartyLite offers. We are currently preparing for a family holiday to France at the end of the year - hopefully a “White Christmas.” In 2011 I am working on achieving a free PartyLite incentive trip to Fiji.

PartyLite  are currently promoting our Christmas, Holiday and Summer collections. The products are hand crafted and of heirloom quality you can pass them down from generation to generation. Go to to find a local consultant near you.


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