Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tips to Organise Your Life With Kikki.K

Get organised for the year ahead with the gorgeous collection of 2011 Diaries from Kikki.K- a fashion accessory for all seasons.

With a wide range of sizes, colours and designs you will find the perfect diary to reflect your personal style. The Kikki.K diaries are great for getting organised for next year, so we thought we would share these tips from Kikki.K for organising your life right now:        

Step 1
Identify your organisation goals, write them down in your Goals Book and tackle them one by one.

Step 2
Identify some of those bad habits that are getting in your way and give them the boot. The Weekly Habits Pad is a clever tool to help you make a change and stick to it.

Step 3
Always keep a Notebook with you, inspiration can strike at any moment and you want to be able to capture it all.

Step 4
Take some time out to dream, what would your future look like if there were no boundaries? Write them down in your Dreams Book and watch as they come true.

Step 5
Most importantly reward yourself when you achieve one of your goals, kick a bad habit, or get a little closer to your dreams.

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