Friday, November 12, 2010

Give the Gift of Sophistication and Simplicity this Christmas: Plumm Wine Glasses

Looking for that perfect gift that embodies modern design with classic functionality? Australian-designed, European-made Plumm glassware is the answer this Christmas.

New on the market, Plumm glassware is a stylish gift that any wine drinker is sure to appreciate; its range, simplicity and elegant design is the essence of Plumm’s relaxed attitude to enjoying wine: pleasurable, functional and stylish. Developed in consultation with leading wine industry figures in Australia and around the world, Plumm’s concept and message is simple: five glasses are all you need.

Five distinctive glass shapes across four different ranges cater for sparkling wine and Champagne; crisp, fresh whites; medium bodied and oaked whites; medium to light bodied reds and full bodied reds. 

For the sophisticated drinker, Plumm’s Handmade Vintage range is the ideal accoutrement; its' fine crystal is the perfect foil for that special Christmas drop. 

The Plumm Vintage range is super stylish yet accessible and provides outstanding value while delivering superior quality. 

Plumm also offers a range of stemless glasses that are just the thing for alfresco dining, their versatility lending them to a range of uses – cocktails, wine, sparkling water or a fruity Christmas dessert. 

 The Plumm Outdoors range is a revelation and just what the modern Australian entertainer has been waiting for. The five Plumm shapes are offered in an unbreakable polycarbonate material; ideal for by the pool, at the beach, sailing or around the barbeque at home.

Dana Morris, Plumm Designer says, “The five distinct shapes of the glasses are designed to enhance the wine drinking experience. I consider these glasses a reflection of simplicity and balance. The five glass sizes and shapes determine how much air can enter the glass, open up the aromas and allow them to lift.”

The Plumm glasses are:

• Reda: Designed for full bodied red wine
• Redb: Designed for medium to light bodied red wine
• Whitea: Designed for crisp fresh white wine
• Whiteb: Designed for medium bodied and oaked white wine
• Sparkling: Designed for sparkling wine and champagne


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