Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Create inexpensive wall art

No matter what you put on your walls – framed prints, photos, kid’s art, postcards – it is always a reflection of your tastes and interests. Here are some decorating tips from Freedom Furniture, that can help sort out a few “hanging” dilemmas!

Simultaneously wall art and mirror, the Facet mini mirror will instantly vitalize any room. A highly effective technique to create a focal point with minimum fuss is to use multiples of an element like this. One mirror on its own might look lonely, but a set of nine small mirrors becomes a sculptural art installation.

Changing gallery  
Floating shelves provide the perfect platform for displaying frames without the hassle of putting hooks in your walls. Alternatively, a clever idea for creating your own artwork, is to select a favourite photo, enlarge it, divide into a grid and then cut into 9 separate pieces. Frame each one, and group together tightly to create a single statement – voila!

Maximum impact  
To create a strong focal point for this room, two of the same large framed print were used. Scale is important, and the 2 prints are in proportion to the sofa. The overall effect is far stronger than if a single print had been positioned in the centre of the wall. 

Two prints of equal size look great hanging in an identical manner, side by side, above a console or other piece of furniture. However, to prevent such a simple placement looking boring, add some asymmetrical elements, for example the homewares on the console placed in a more random manner.

A grouping of different images in various sized frames works better when there is some element that unifies them – complementary images, colours or even frames. Here an interesting effect is generated by the staggered placement of the frames under the staircase. 

Getting the balance right is important. Three images of approximately equal size could be simply hung in a row but for a more intimate look, the asymmetrical arrangement featured above creates a lovely balance with the desk.

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