Friday, March 11, 2011

From Summer to Autumn…

Better Homes & Gardens have some handy decorating tips for your home.

Celebrate the turning of the season by adding a little of autumn’s rich warmth to your living area. The trick is to add an accent here and there, so the eye is led gently from one splash of coordinated colour to the next. Think in terms of ripe plums, pumpkins, mushrooms and golden leaves, and remember that texture is as much a part of the composition as colour – from a textured cushion to smooth and shiny glass.

Jazz up your cushions by wrapping them in brightly coloured Asian silks. Press under the raw edges and secure with frogging, buttons or a decorative brooch. You can also appliqué a single panel to the front of a cushion cover. So chic!

Just attach shelves or brackets to a wall and start stacking your books. And while books may not be what you want to use, this idea proves the theory that by grouping objects in this way, there’s pretty much nothing that can’t lend itself to an arty, eye-catching display. Think outside the square.

Visit Better Homes and Gardens for more autumn decorating tips.


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