Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Essential Kitchen

Check out HomeLife's guide cookware and the best options for creating your perfect kitchen…

Basic kit | Many cookware and kitchenware choices will be personal, but there are some basic items every good kitchen should have:
  • Three frying pans: small – roughly 20cm; medium – roughly 24cm; large – roughly 30cm
  • Metal roasting pan
  • Three saucepans: small – one-litre capacity; medium – two-litre capacity; large – four-litre capacity
  • Stockpot
  • Casserole dish with lid
  • Metal colander
  • Stainless-steel mesh sieve
  • Two chopping boards: one for bread and vegetables, another for meat and pungent vegetables, such as onions and garlic
  • Ceramic gratin dish
  • Metric measuring cups and spoons
  • Three mixing bowls
  • Grater

Quality cookware | can be enjoyed every day and should last for years – if not a lifetime. Cookware can be made of many different materials so you’ll need to consider how you cook, and buy accordingly.

Knives | Give knife-block sets a miss when purchasing as professionals agree we don’t need that many knives. Instead, aim for one chef’s or cook’s knife that starts at around 18cm in length, a paring knife for vegetables and garlic and a serrated knife for bread. 

Luxury appliances | Look for appliances that offer a long warranty and can be serviced locally should they need future maintenance. Keep an eye out for:
  • Stand mixer
  • Coffee grinder, used exclusively for spices
  • Food processor
  • Stick blender, good for soups
  • Toaster
  • Electronic scales 

Baking extras | Once the basics are covered, start collecting kitchenware suited to your needs, which in many cases will involve baking.
  • Three cake pans, ranging from small to medium
  • Loaf pan
  • Muffin pans
  • Cake cooling rack
  • Wooden rolling pin
  • Tart tin with removable base
  • Ceramic gratin dish
  • Baking trays
  • Pastry weights
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