Friday, April 1, 2011


We just love T2's enormous range of tea. From Turkish Apple to Terrific Toffee, there are so many varities to choose from. Here are our favourites…

Strawberries & Cream
An absolute dessert delight. A gorgeous blend of hibiscus petals and rosehips with apple, strawberries and yogurt brews a beautiful red infusion with a bright, sweet aroma. A velvety sweet sensation with a crisp, tart finish. Fruity and floral, this is a refreshing breeze on a summer's day. One of our most popular fruit tisanes, strawberry fields are indeed forever.

Turkish Apple
An all-time classic, this is the traditional version of the national drink of Turkey. Very sweet and chock full of crisp, crunchy apple flavour, conventionally served hot but fantastic iced in summer. Refreshing, delicious and very moreish.

Creme Brulee
A silky, decadent sweet treat. Velvety vanilla plays with caramelised hazelnuts in a gorgeously golden brew. An intense aroma enhances a refined and delicate infusion. Creamy and dreamy, this buttery caramel delight sings the song of after-dinner contentment.

Sencha Peach
Sweet herbaceous sencha blended with the warm summer flavours of peachy perfection. The wafting fruit flavour doesn't overwhelm but leaves a long, subtly sweet fruity finish. Light and bright, balanced and beautiful, this is a little ray of sunshine in the heart of winter and a refreshing joy when iced in summer.

Green Rose
A sencha base with currants, mango, papaya and rose is a sweet, fruity elixir. The tropical fruit flavours combine with rose for a complex and engaging brew. Bold and pronounced flavours that sing in harmony with grassy green tea. Well-balanced fruitiness that finishes with pretty petals makes for a flavour-filled cup that's delicious hot or iced.

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