Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Decorate With Botanicals

HomeLife show you how botanical prints and the serene colours of the Australian bush can work wonders at home.

By incorporating the grey blues and greens of eucalypts into your walls, table linen, sofa covers or rugs, it's easy to introduce an accent colour, such as the golden yellow of wattle or the coral orange of one of the new breed of waratahs, with confidence.

If your home is a little sleeker, try one of the covetable hand-blown glass vases around -many come in delicious transparent colours. Pop some well-chosen seed pod branches in and watch your room come to life.

If you lean towards the old, a rustic timber farmhouse kitchen table will be made all the more beautiful when topped with a handmade ceramic vase or earthenware pot overflowing with colourful natives.

Team grey green of a eucalyptus leaf with the fiery red blooms of flowering gums and waratahs, the golden orbs of just-blossomed acacia, the deep grey of banksia cones or the bright shock of an Australian blue sky on a clear summer's day.

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