Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fabulous Outdoor Fireplaces

During these colder months add warmth and ambience to your outdoor room with a fireplace. We love these great ideas from Better Homes & Gardens

Keep It Portable
While outdoor fireplaces can be big, beautiful, and elaborate, they can also be quaint and easy to move, such as this copper fire bowl.

Soften the Stone 
Fireplaces are often made from stone and can be cold and harsh in the landscape. Soften yours with container gardens full of bright colours or vines that climb on the structure. 

Add Privacy 
Use a large fireplace to make your patio more private and cozy. This one acts as another wall, making the patio feel like another room.

Add to a Retaining Wall
Don't let a plain old retaining wall make your yard feel drab. This fireplace beautifully dresses up a hillside. The fireplace wont block any views or take up too much valuable space.

Keep It Simple
You don't need to go overboard with an outdoor fireplace, especially if you have a great view or a small outdoor area. A low but stylish fire pit still creates plenty of ambiance.

Dress Up a Deck 
This deck and pergola combination creates a comfortable outdoor destination all its own, but adding a grand fireplace is the finishing touch. It's a perfect way to make your deck cosier.

Tile in Style 
Embellish an outdoor fireplace with a ceramic tile. The wide variety of sizes, and colors allows you to personalise your fireplace and match the overall feel and look of your landscape.

Include Seating 
Raising the fireplace brings the fire within better view. Built-in ledges have space for plants and double as extra seating, just add some cushions.


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