Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Ultimate Guide to Beds

You spend one-third of your life in bed, so why not make your bedroom the best it can be? Choose the right components and you'll experience a rejuvenating rest that makes your days as blissful as your nights. Better Homes & Gardens have created a guide to find the right bed, mattress, and bedding for your room.

The platform bed is the oldest style, but it's one of today's more modern choices. A platform bed is generally low to the ground, providing a cooler sleep environment than traditional designs. The simplest styles have no headboard or footboard. Platform beds are a popular choice for a clean, uncluttered look in the bedroom.

The soaring posts make a dramatic style statement, helping the bed create a visual center in a room.

Daybeds have split personalities. They are dressed for use as a sofa by day but include a twin-size mattress for sleeping at night. Daybeds look at home in a family room or den as well as in a bedroom.

The most important element of a restful night is a quality mattress. Most experts recommend replacing your mattress every five to seven years. Finding the right mattress depends on the individual, so it's important to know the ins and outs of the different types available.

Dressing your bed is what makes it your own. A beautiful palette, a variety of textures, and attention to detail are the ingredients to success for a beautiful bed.

To increase the life of your sheets and ensure equal wear, you should have three sets: one on the bed, one in the linen closet, and one in the wash. Bottom sheets and pillowcases should be washed twice a week and top sheets every week. Wash bed linens separately from other laundry and always use the gentle cycle.


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