Monday, August 15, 2011

Kitchen Cabinets in White

Kitchen cabinetry is the focal point in most kitchens. White cabinetry is a classic choice for a kitchen. Providing a neutral backdrop, white cabinets can be left alone or dressed up with colorful art and accessories.

White cabinets are a versatile choice for a kitchen. Though usually available in laminate or thermofoil (which can be difficult to paint over), more expensive custom cabinets can be ordered in a painted white or cream finish with distressed or glazed details.

Temper an all-white kitchen with touches of other colors and textures. The brick niche and natural wood island in this kitchen warm up the look and feel of the space.

Though most of this kitchen sports bright white cabinetry, the island is a different story. A custom paint in pale green helps focus attention on this important element.

Soften the look of a kitchen by choosing off-white (rather than bright white) cabinets. This ivory hue works well with the brown wood tones and blue tiled backsplash for a room with elegant style.

This white kitchen would be pretty bland without the high-style furnishings. Sparkling touches of stainless steel and circular eating bar are this room's best features.

Cabinets with architectural details make an all-white kitchen anything but boring. Beaded-board panels, glass doors, and furniture-style legs add dimension and visual interest.


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