Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Dressing Table by Clare Press

Join designer, journalist and fashion industry darling Clare Press as she explores the essence of chic in The Dressing Table, your go-to guide for the life lived stylishly.

Clare spills the style secrets of everyone from designers Jank, Fleur Wood and Jenny Kee to legendary editors Anna Piaggi and Diana Vreeland.

Sharing advice on the practical - how to care for your vintage clothes, how to shop for what suits you, how to give the perfect tea party - and the whimsical - nine excellent costume party themes, how to get the holiday feeling without leaving home. This book brings the world of fashion, glitz and glamour that little bit closer.

With a clever anecdote and some sage style advice for every occasion, The Dressing Table is an exploration of the true meaning of style.

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