Friday, November 4, 2011

Gifterati… Real Gifts Posted Instantly

For many of us, logging onto Facebook is a daily occurrence. As is glancing at your newsfeed, realising it’s a friend’s birthday and kicking yourself because you forgot to buy a present. Luckily, Gifterati has a quick-fix. 

Gifterati is a gifting website, with a twist – it is 100% compatible with social media and allows people to post gifts to their friends’ Facebook walls, which they then receive in their ‘real-life’ mailbox shortly afterwards. While your friend might not receive the actual gift on their birthday, they will get a present on their wall instantly. 

Gifterati operates throughout Australia and has a huge variety of gifts available from chocolates, wine, flowers, jewellery and fruit to donations, adventures and magazine subscriptions.

Gifterati successfully merges the real world with the online world, allowing users to connect with one another on a personal level, but in an unthreatening way. When the gift appears on the receiver’s wall, they are given the option to put in their own shipping address. This gives users the opportunity to give gifts to people whose address they might not know. 

Although it is compatible with Facebook, Gifterati can be used as a conventional gifting website, by notifying friends via email instead. Whether a birthday, Christmas, newborn baby or engagement, Gifterati has an instant gift for every occasion! 

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