Monday, January 16, 2012

Get Organised in 2012

Do you have any organisation goals on your New Year’s resolutions list? Achieve your goals by breaking them down in to easy-to-complete steps, and focus on small parts of the overall projects. If you’re looking to conquer clutter room by room check out Better Homes & Gardens great advice.

Keep only things that really matter to you, that you use, and that you have room for. Ask a trusted friend to help you go through memorabilia. It's easy to get lost in the past while reading old letters or looking through old photos, but a friend will keep you on track. Dealing with sorted piles makes it easier to make decisions. Be kind to yourself and give yourself more time to tackle objects that have feelings attached to them. But don't let grief or guilt bully you into keeping things you don't really need. Keep only a few strong sentimental reminders.

Play beat the clock and schedule 15 to 30 minutes of daily catch-up time and see how many organisational tasks (sorting the mail, reorganising a cupboard, putting laundry away) you can complete. Knowing that an end is in sight will make it easier for you to get going. Sound an alert. If time is always getting away from you, set an alarm to remind you to do a specific organisational task. Make time fly and multitask - minutes will pass more quickly if you do a task while watching TV, listening to music, or conversing with a spouse, child, or friend.

Use a "transfer basket" to gather everything that needs to go out the door the next day - library books, bills to mail, schoolwork, etc. Haul the basket to your car every morning and bring it back into the house when errands are done.

You can't hide all clutter, but you can contain it. Look at where it collects and set up attractive ways to deal with it. Place a large bowl on the kitchen counter to collect keys. Leave a big basket by the door for shoes. Check discount stores and office supply houses for patterned folders for storing bills or wicker, fabric, and leather boxes to match your décor.


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