Friday, January 27, 2012

Home Office Storage and Organisation Solutions

Create a home office anywhere in your home with these ideas for streamlined storage and efficient organisation from Better Homes & Gardens. When planning your home office, make sure there are adequate outlets nearby for computers, printers, and task lighting. 

Create a corner office at home by zoning a section of a larger room, such as your living room or family room, as a work zone. Behind this desk place place large bookcase, this will fulfill all the storage needs of your work area in one simple system. For more storage, hang floating shelves along the wall.

If you need an office for more than one person use a dining table as a desk and place it perpendicular to a wall so several people can sit at the table at once. Place the table against a wall of built-ins, which will add storage. A large bookcase also works wonders for an office setup like this.

Turn storage upside down with an inventive way to use kitchen cabinets. Hang a cabinet horizontally and attach piano hinges to the doors so it can open to become a mini desk area. When not in use, the door can simply be closed to conceal the work area and maintain a sleek appearance.

For a simple, do-it-yourself desk, employ sturdy file cabinets as a base and a large desktop, or painted panel, as the work surface. Position the desktop on the file cabinets and screw into place.


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