Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How to Add Colour Without Paint

A little colour can go a long way, but who wants to paint the whole house when you can add splashes of colour to your existing rooms. Better Homes & Gardens show you how.

Keeping a room's wall colours neutral allows you to add any accent color you like to your furniture. Here light blue upholstery and playful patterned pillows spice up the soft gray walls and plain floors. 

The color pink isn't just for nurseries. When played against chic neutrals, such as gray, pink takes on a decidedly grown-up tone. This light pink sofa was reupholstered for a more modern look. 

To add character to a neutral room, this bedroom includes accents in a warm colour scheme. Two vintage-style mustard-yellow chairs tie in colours from the quilt. A bright pillow echoes the pinks and oranges found in art pieces throughout the space.

The open cabinets in this kitchen provide the perfect display space. With neutral cabinetry this allows brightly coloured, patterned dishware and small appliances to be displayed.

This spacious screen porch allows for easy entertaining. A sturdy sailcloth functions as a neutral tablecloth that can blend with any colors and patterns. Crisp white and bright red chairs create a nautical atmosphere. A simple bouquet of yellow daisies emphasises the laid-back nature of the home.


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