Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tips for Choosing and Using Colour

Want to liven up a dull room with colour but not sure where to start? Use these helpful tips from Better Homes & Gardens editors, interior designers, and colour pros to learn how to choose and use colour to add interest to any room.
Test Paint Colours 
Always remember to test out paint colours before diving in headfirst. Paint large sample swatches by the window, next to trim, in the darkest corner, in the lightest corner. Let them dry, and give them a second coat so you can accurately assess the colour.
Get Inspired 
Take the time to curate your colour palette. Collect magazine pages, brochures, post cards – anything with a colour that you like. Gather home-related items that catch your eye, such as fabric and wallpaper swatches, flooring samples, and paint samples, or even natural finds. Take snapshots of things that inspire you. Edit and add to your inspiration board as you work through the decorating process.
Set the Mood 
Decide what mood you want the room to embody. Different colours, tones, and saturation's will naturally lend themselves to a certain persona. For example, if green is your hue of choice, a soft sage will project serenity and calm, while a sea foam shade will give the room a relaxed, cottage feel. A dark olive green will imbue a classic, reserved look; conversely, a zingy apple green will project trendy vibrancy.
Make Accents Pop 
As a building block for a colour palette, look closely at art and fabric. Pull out the background colours for room accents. For example the green from a rug can be used as the accent colour in pillows for a lounge room or bedroom.
Freshen Up  
Fresh flowers are a perfect way to add colour to any room without a long-term commitment., They also help celebrate the season.

Include a Neutral Colour  
Neutral colours act as peacemakers – they help bold colours and patterns get along. The neutral creamy tones of a rug can balance brighter coloured walls, or patterned curtains, or a textured chair.


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