Monday, May 14, 2012

Tetley's Decaf Green Tea

With Australians becoming increasingly aware of their health and how to improve it, green tea is becoming a popular drink of choice. Research suggests approximately 25% of Australians drink green tea on a weekly basis, typically as a ‘healthy choice’ due to its rich antioxidant content. 

Tetley’s decaffeinated green tea range is the only decaffeinated green tea available in Australian supermarkets. Recent research has shown that almost 30% of all Australians believe there is no caffeine in green tea, while another 35% have no idea how much it contains. 

Tetley’s decaffeinated range  is ideal for tea drinkers wanting to limit their caffeine intake, while still retaining all the health benefits of green tea. Tetley has released two new varieties of its naturally decaffeinated green tea range: mint and pomegranate, to join the original pure green flavour, offering greater variety to consumers looking for a flavourful tea without the caffeine kick. 

Caffeine is a quick acting, potent stimulant, which triggers an effect similar to the stress response in the body. While caffeine may be a popular choice on a Monday morning, it’s not always right for the moment (like before bedtime) or the person. 

The new range of Tetley’s original, mint and pomegranate decaffeinated green tea flavours is available in Woolworths and independent retailers in 10 teabag packs for RRP $1.75. 


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