Monday, October 15, 2012

Tasty treats that are allergen free… Who would have thought it’s possible?

Eskal has provided allergy sufferers a long-awaited alternative to the bland allergen-friendly foods of the past. With over 70 per cent of the world’s population suffering intolerance to dairy alone, and the recent acknowledgement of the negative impact of excess sugar in our diets, Eskal allergen-friendly products could not come quickly enough. 

Exclusive producers of over 70 items free from nuts, dairy, gluten and reduced sugar, Eskal is reaching an untapped market. With a focus on full flavour, Eskal is launching a new snack food range which doesn’t compromise on taste. “I can honestly say that the range is delicious! Eskal Noble Choice Chocolate never lasts long in my pantry- and it’s not just me eating it,” says allergy sufferer Rhiannon Hodgkinson.

Eskal is proud to boast a strong history and commitment to producing quality allergen-friendly foods. No longer a niche market, Eskal allergen-friendly products can be found at select Coles, Woolworths and health food stores 

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