Monday, November 19, 2012

Give a Hand to Help The Less Fortunate This Christmas...

Instead of filling the stocking with toys, socks and candy canes this Christmas, give a gift that will change the lives of the children of Thailand. In 2004, Christmas celebrations were cut dramatically short when an 8.9 magnitude earthquake trigged a tsunami that ripped through Thailand and devastated the landscape and lives of thousands. 

Peter Baines, an Australian forensic detective and a member of the response team in Thailand following the tsunami, saw the disastrous consequences first-hand – not only of the dead, but of those left behind. Peter was inspired to set up an organisation that could make a significant difference to the lives of these children – and thus, in October 2005, Hands Across The Water (Hands) was born.

Today, Hands is one of Australia’s fastest growing boutique charities, having raised over seven million dollars to support the children of Thailand.

Written by Peter Baines, Hands Across The Water is an autobiography of Peter’s career prior to the tsunami, his journey to Thailand and the establishment of Hands.

This inspiring tale of how one knockabout Aussie bloke changed the lives of thousands by simply offering a hand makes the perfect Christmas gift, serving as a reminder that one person can truly make a difference.

Visit Hands Across The Water.


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