Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hygiene Made Simple With the Simply Clean Range

It’s time to clean up your act when cleaning the house! For anyone who’s stopped to think whether the cloth they used to wipe the baby’s mouth after breakfast was the same one they used to clean the kitchen floor, Simply Clean will be a welcome relief.

A first of its kind in Australia, Simply Clean is a new and innovative company that specialises in a range of cleaning products designed to promote safe hygiene practices in the home and office, and help protect users from the risks of bacteria.

Created by mother of three, Victoria Fulford, the Simply Clean product range is divided into Kitchen, Bathroom and Microfibre Cloths. More specifically, each product is individually labelled and colour-coded to indicate which area and surface it is to be used for.

“I was at home with three kids under 17 months and watched the floor sponge being used to wipe our baby’s feeding tray, and I won’t tell you where I found the toilet sponge! I knew which sponge was being used for what but no one else did,” says Victoria.

The Kitchen and Bathroom packs include four individual products for wiping, absorbing, scrubbing and mopping. The Microfibre Cloths are categorised into kitchen, dusting, glass and stainless steel.

Simply Clean is the safe, hygienic way to keep cleaning simple.
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