Monday, December 24, 2012

Create Your Ultimate Space

Removable wallpaper company, The Wall Sticker Company has launched a new range of removable wallpaper and wall decals with Melbourne-based company Lumi Opus.

The Lumi Opus range will challenge perceptions of wallpaper design; the sophisticated and playful designs, the bold use of colour and the unique mix of gloss and matte finishes are fascinating. 

The collection will work well in pop-up stores, commercial spaces, retail stores, hotels, restaurants and residential spaces. Interior designers, architects, shop fitters and home decorators will find the self-installed, washable and reusable wallpaper an innovative and practical decorating solution. 

Their removable wall stickers and removable wallpapers are known for bringing that WOW factor to all walls with ease and in record time. The wall stickers will peel off the wall without causing damage and can be moved again and again.


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