Friday, August 9, 2013

Introducing Wedgewood Vera Wang Sequin | Stemware & Giftware

Of the many artistic elements Vera Wang utilises in her bridal creations, the subtle sparkle of sequins provided the inspiration for a dazzling new collection of crystal stemware and giftware, Sequin. 

Sequin’s myriad of delicate octagonal crystal cuts creates a luminous display of natural crystal refraction.
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Introducing The Everyday Cook Network

Tanya Bartolini always knew she loved to cook, but it wasn’t until she took maternity leave from her high-stress career in accounting and finance and gave birth to her first son that she realised she wanted to do it for a living.

“I realised that I had all these recipes in my head and scrawled on loose scraps of paper throughout my kitchen cupboards. I wanted to share them with other like-minded people,” says Tanya. 

“I’m not a chef, I’m just a person who loves food and loves to cook good, hearty meals for my family. Coming from an Italian background, food was a big part of my upbringing and for me, food is synonymous with family. It began to dawn on me that there must be millions of people like me, who don’t want to tackle fancy recipes with a million ingredients and even more steps to follow. I thought I was time-poor before but becoming a mum only exacerbated that. It helped me understand the challenges people face every day in putting appetising dishes on the table.” 

It is for this reason that Tanya developed The Everyday Cook Network. Tanya’s aim for the network is to create a forum of food-lovers who can interact with each other, sharing recipes, food wins and failures, and tips and tricks for improving dishes. Tanya frequently films videos showing her preparing meals, to better instruct her followers on how to put together a dish step-by-step.

Followers are encouraged to email in their own recipes directly to Tanya or to post them on the accompanying Facebook page, to create interactive discussion.

While establishing The Everyday Cook Network, Tanya has written her family history, interweaving it with delicious Italian recipes to create her first cookbook, Blending the Cultures.

“My book is really about my entire family. After the second World War, Italy was a broken country and thankfully, my grandfather took the risk to come to Australia in search of a better life for his children and ultimately, my children. Throughout everything we’ve been through, food has been the thing that has kept us together and the book is a celebration of the way food can unite us and bring such joy,” says Tanya.
“I took my heritage for granted growing up – I thought everyone knew about gnocchi and cannoli and that everyone’s Nonna made rich tomato passata. Blending The Cultures is my attempt to share a part of the Australian story that isn’t widely documented and to both preserve and share these beautiful recipes,” says Tanya.

Blending the Cultures features recipes from simple spaghetti sauce and marinated eggplant to garlic soy BBQ squid and savoiardi cake. It outlines the basics of making homemade pasta and chicken stock, removing the fear of the unknown when it comes to cooking from scratch. The book is written in Tanya’s own voice, with mentions of her personal experience with the dishes and why they mean so much to her.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

ASN (Australian Sports Nutrition) Neutral Bay

 ASN (Australian Sports Nutrition) Neutral Bay are the experts in the highest quality supplements for weight management, muscle building and your health & lifestyle needs.

With your wedding and honeymoon being one of the most important times of your life, you want to look and feel your best.

The expert team at ASN Neutral Bay can give you all the support and advice you need to transform your mind and body for your big day..

With the biggest range of the latest in health and supplement products for both Bride & Groom, you can rest assured that you will be purchasing the highest quality and latest products.

To receive a 10% discount  from ASN Neutral Bay on selected products please mention "The Bride's Diary" magazine in all your enquiries.

Speak to Owner/Manager Shane Daly about a training and supplement program tailored to your needs.

To view the full range of products, see ASN's Website

Contact Shane  directly for advice or to make an order via email:
or directly via their facebook page.. Click Here


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cristina Re | Age of Elegance High Tea

Mary Antoinette meets Alice In Wonderland with this exquisite designer tea ware range, Age of Elegance by Cristina Re, in a magical Pretty Polka and Pretty Stripe story. 

Made from the finest quality porcelain with an elegant 24ct gold trim, you will experience High Tea in style with this beautiful collection available in bold Ebony and Pretty Blush colour palettes.

Cristina Re is excited to announce that Sophie Van Den Akker is the new face of Cristina Re Age of Elegance High Tea in Style Collection. Sophie was a finalist in Australia's Next Top Model and the muse of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2012.
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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Warm Up With LUSH

When the days are too cold to bear and the nights are even worse, there’s only one way to get warmed up - with Lush! Lush’s selection of all-year-round products are here for you to rub on or soak in, and will warm every part of your body.

Use these favourite winter warmers to heat you up and make you feel alive again!

Hottie massage bar $10.50
This solid massage bar is for seriously stiff muscles! Hottie is specifically moulded with bumps that enhance any massage with extra pressure to get the circulation going and warm you right up. The jojoba and butter base melts onto the skin quickly to allow a smooth and sensual experience. Lush use vanilla absolute for its cosy aroma; it's also moisturizing for the skin and softening in combination with shea and cocoa butters, which makes it a saviour for dry winter skin. Black pepper and ginger oils are stimulating and help to release muscle tensions and aches. A Hottie like this one is sure to get you going. Vegan. 

The Comforter bubble bar $10.50 each

This concoction of bergamot and cypress essential oils have a calming and soothing action, making it the perfect way to end a long, cold day. Both of these oils are known for their comforting properties, so why not close yourself away from the world, layback and let your tension float away on the cosy, blackcurrant scented bubbles.

Honey Bee bath ballistic $6.75 each
Even busy bees need a break from the cold every now and then. The Honey Bee smells like butterscotch popcorn, freshly popped and still warm from the oven – the perfect way to heat up your body and your mind. The Moroccan Rhassoul mud cleanses and helps to purify your skin while you soak, and the most obvious ingredient, honey, is a natural humectant, which means that it retains and preserves moisture on your skin. Fizz it and soak in the caramel-scented waters. Vegan.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Bondi Harvest..

Bondi Harvest is a weekly cooking show from the best beach in the world. Features local, seasonal produce.

Chef Guy Turland is a cafe owner, and Bondi Local.

With a new recipe and video every week, Bondi Harvest will take your culinary skills to the next level!

Check out Bondi Harvest on their facebook page here
or subscribe to their youtube channel here

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hungerford Hill

Hungerford Hill is set to create a new benchmark for winery tourism in Australia’s oldest wine region, Hunter Valley, NSW, creating the region’s first seated premium food and wine matching experience for visitors.

Visitors to Hungerford Hill, awarded the Hunter Valley’s best Cellar Door experience in the 2012 Hunter Valley Legends and Wine Industry Awards, will still have the option to partake in the familiar and casual ‘standing’ tasting session at the Cellar Door with Hungerford Hill’s knowledgeable staff. However, for those seeking a more premium experience and higher level of wine appreciation, the seated tastings will allow access to a range of premium, limited release and museum wines. The wine tastings will be matched to a specially created platter of matching tasting sized bites, prepared by award winning Muse Restaurant at Hungerford Hill.

Guests enjoying the seated tasting option, which will be known as the “Epic Experience”, will be taken through the wines and their food matches by a dedicated staff member in the comfort of an intimate setting in either the indoor or outdoor terrace, both boasting stunning views across the vineyards.
Following the wine tasting guests may choose to enjoy a cheese platter or a salumi platter with a glass of wine on the outdoor terrace.

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Beautiful Bedrooms

Laura Ashley is one of the most loved fashion and home furnishings companies worldwide. Offering beautiful and high quality products and services.

Laura Ashley is renowned for its beautiful bed linen and bedroom furniture.

The ideal bedroom is a haven of comfort and tranquillity in which to 
relax and unwind at the end of the day.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mindfulness at Work: How to Avoid Stress, Achieve More and Enjoy Life!

Mindfulness at Work: eliminate distractions, increase productivity, develop stronger leadership skills & reduce stress – advance copies available!

With ever increasing modern technology, it’s easy to become distracted by things at work that take away our focus from the tasks at hand. Mindfulness at Work (Exisle Publishing, $24.99, July 2013) is the complete guide to using mindfulness (the art of paying attention to what’s going on in our lives right now) to help us work more productively and overcome common workplace distractions. 

With over 20 years of both clinical and personal experience, Dr Stephen McKenzie provides readers with practical tools to increase productivity & decision making, reduce stress and develop stronger leadership skills. The book includes real life workplace examples, showcasing how certain techniques can be applied to any worker looking to increase focus in their occupation. Mindfulness at Work is a clearly written, comprehensive guide to decluttering our mind and improving our working life. 

Author Dr Stephen McKenzie has over 20 years of experience in researching and teaching a broad range of psychological areas, and is co-author of the highly successful book Mindfulness for Life.

Exclusive to Exisle Publishing.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Wedgwood Gifts for Dad

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Gifts for Foodie Couples from Eliunt

You’re about to taste the finest Olive Oils from around the world thanks to the new Australian owned Extra Virgin Olive Oil gourmet range, Eliunt.

When garnishing your dish with Eliunt Extra Virgin Olive Oils, you are adding a final magic touch which allows the natural flavours of the food to dance on your palate.

The unique mix of flavours from 10 regions around the world will enhance all your dishes, whether it’s a canapé, main or even a dessert.

With the name inspired by the “Eliunts” who were Olive Oil farmers in ancient Italy, the company founder, Juan Hitos (originally from Spain, but resides in Australia), set out on an around-the-world trip to source the world’s finest Olive Oils.

“The results of this search are Oils with personalities as unique as the regions they come from. All were harvested using different techniques in various climates and altitudes. Some are strong and bitter due to early harvesting while others are subtle and soft as they are made from fully ripened olives,” Juan explains.

Each Olive Oil embodies a unique flavour and aroma so vastly different to their neighbouring countries. The entire Eliunt collection incorporates Sonoma (USA), Olivar (Spain), Anfora (Italy), Athena (Greece), Mount Ida (Turkey), Ahiram (Lebanon), Holy Oil (Jordan), Oasis (Tunisia), Tradico (Portugal) and Vitality (Australia).

Eliunt is the perfect gift for the foodie who has it all. So next time you need a present for a friend or want to thank someone for a lovely meal, forget the wine or box of chocolates, gift them with a beautiful collection from Eliunt. Eliunt packs come in a variety of options including;

The Compendium RRP $124,95
This package includes 10 fine Extra Virgin Olive Oils from around the world. Each has a unique and exquisite flavour, colour and aroma. Delight your senses and learn the story behind each of these special Oils. The Compendium Pack also incorporates a display holder the Oils and a hand-drawn booklet to transport you through the history of Olive Oil. Your journey is about to begin.

Make your own (three RRP $43.95 and five RRP $68.95 flavours)
Let your imagination fly around the globe and let your taste buds pick either three or five of your favourite Eliunt Olive Oils.

Intercontinental Gift Pack RRP $44.95 for three pack and RRP $69.95 for five pack
Olive Oils from the Intercontinental regions come from outstanding groves carefully selected. The three pack includes Italy, Australia and Lebanon. The five pack includes Oils from Jordan, Tunisia, Greece, USA and Australia.

Mediterranean Gift Pack RRP$44.95 for three pack and RRP $69.95 for five pack
Mediterranean Olive Oils are famous for their outstanding fruity aromas and flavours. The three pack includes Oils from Italy, Greece and Spain and the five Oils include Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal and Turkey.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Shake Things Up This Father's Day with Gifts from Waterford

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Giving Up Isn't the Answer - Introducing Be by Berri

Guilt forces Australian women to give up the foods they love - psychologist urges women to forget the forbidden fruit and focus on positive goals.

New research shows that Australian women are feeling pressure to give up the foods they love, including fruit juice, and that 75 per cent say t hey have changed their eating habits in the past 12 months for this reason.

The research conducted by Berri also revealed that 60 per cent of Australian women admit to feeling forced into giving up the foods they love including sweets, salty snacks, sugar, carbohydrates, fast food, dairy and fruit juice.

Australian women are under more pressure to give up certain foods than men. It was revealed that women are changing their eating habits more often in order to achieve a health or weight goal, with women in the 25-34 age bracket feeling the most pressure to give up the foods they like.

Findings from the Pure Profile national survey of 1000 women and men across Australia showed that many of the pressures on them to give up certain foods came from external sources such as society, advertising, friends and family.

The majority indicated that the ultimate reason for giving up foods they love comes from their inner-self and a sense of guilt, resulting in feelings of sadness or failure when they do not obtain their desired outcome.

Psychologist from the Positive Psychology Institute, Paula Robinson, is sadly not surprised by the results as she says, "I see women giving up the things they love quite often in my practice."

She suggests that women can adjust their thinking to produce more positive outcomes. 

"Avoidance goals are more likely to be associated with 'giving up'. For example 'these are the foods I must avoid'."

This avoidant thinking can produce negative emotions, such as feelings of sadness, frustration and guilt when the goals are not achieved.

"But women can feel more empowered if their goals are framed in a more positive light."

Paula continues, "For example, creating an approach goal which is a focus more on what you can have, rather than what is 'forbidden'. Like, 'this is a list of the foods I can have'. This positive reframe allows you to approach success rather than avoid failure," she said.

A new juice drink from Berri Australia – be by Berri – offers a great alternative to the avoidance goal of 'giving up'. It gives Australian women a chance to enjoy the drink they like but with less sugar and calories.

be by Berri spokesperson, libby Hay, commented on the need for a product like be by Berri:
"We knew there were some women who were saying no to fruit juice because they were concerned about sugar content and calories. So in response to this, we developed be by Berri, which gives women the chance to say yes to fruit drinks again without worrying so much about calories or sugar.

"With 50 per cent less sugar, only 80 calories per serve... and with a great fruit taste, we expect be by Berri will be the new fruit drink of choice for Australian women," Libby said.

Available in two great flavours: Pineapple and Mango + Apple and Pomegranate, be by Berri is available in two sizes, 350ml and l.5 iitres, in leading supermarkets across Australia.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Top Picks for Him from Royal Doulton

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Create a Palace Garden with Laura Ashley

We would like to introduce the Palace Garden collection for the home from Laura Ashley.

This collection is inspired by the continuing trend for reviving classic florals, but adding that all important twist, Palace Garden is very grand with beautifully interpreted painterly patterns in a strong new colour palette, which combines both cranberry & cassis reds with charcoal & dove grey. 

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Sweet Scents to Beautify your Bathroom from Yankee

Yankee Candle has a beautiful selection of sweet scents to beautify your dresser or bathroom this winter.

From sweet Sugared Apple and Crème Brulee to the calming essence of Lavender Chiffon, the Pure Radiance collection offers contemporary style and long-lasting fragrance to create a warm and inviting ambience in any space. Choose from delicate tea lights, reed diffusers or flat cotton ribbon wick candles which provide a consistent, even burn for a flawless, glowing flame.

Yankee is available to purchase online at and in selected independent boutiques nationwide.

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Five Reasons Why it's Important to Smile

The smile is often the first thing people notice and the last thing they remember, and its importance extends far beyond expressing happiness. A smile is one of the most important facial features. It may improve quality of life, both professionally and personally, and a correlation between a smile and success, confidence and good health has been identified. So always remember to smile - it may get you further than you think!

Here are Dr Michael Tam’s top five reasons why a glowing smile is important:

1. Smiling will make you attractive and approachable
Most people consider a person's smile to be the most important feature when it comes to making a good first impression. Research shows that 94 per cent of men and women said they notice a person's smile before noticing their eyes, height or their figure. Additionally, a person who is smiling is generally perceived to be friendly and approachable and an attractive smile connotes a certain type of personality.

2. Smiling can change your mood
In psychology, there is a theory called the 'facial feedback' hypothesis, which states that facial movement can influence emotional experience. In simple terms, an individual may actually be able to improve their mood by simply smiling. For example, someone who is forced to smile during a social event will actually come to find it more enjoyable.

Test this theory at home by watching a cartoon with friend. One of you should hold a pencil in your teeth while doing so, the other should smile. Both rate the cartoon while doing so and see who has the most enjoyable results!

3. Smiling improves health
Numerous medical and psychological studies have found that through the triggering of certain hormones, a smile promotes good overall health. It can lead to lower heart rates, steady breathing and the ability to smile through stressful situations.

Smiling has been found to boost levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is a vital part of regulating our moods. There is a biological connection to elements of happiness in the production of serotonin. Also smiling can trigger the production of endorphins, the body's natural painkillers.

An American study also found a direct link between smiling and a boosted immune system!

4. Smiling makes you appear successful
The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry found that an attractive smile can make an individual appear more intelligent, interesting, successful and wealthy to others. Participants of the study were shown pictures of eight individuals and asked to quickly judge the people as to how attractive, intelligent, happy, successful in their career, friendly, interesting, kind, wealthy, popular with the opposite sex and sensitive to other people they were.

Those judged most successful has recently undergone cosmetic dentistry!

5. Smiling relieves stress
As a result of all of above smiling can actually relieve stress. Plus, our brain normally uses 24 per cent of our oxygen. Long-term smiling creates an additional 10 per cent of oxygen and glucose into the bloodstream. This in turn energizes, improves learning, and increases memory. Smiling gives you that extra oxygen and competitive edge and depending on your occupation, having the edge can reduce stress!

By Dr. Michael Tam of Cosmetic Dentist Australia.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Display Your Instagram Photos with PosterCandy

Create photo-quality posters using your Instagram photos in just 10 minutes at

Showcase your memories rather than keeping them on your phone or in closed albums with PosterCandy. Candid wedding shots, childhood memories, travel snaps and your favourite foodstagrams can be shared with the household thanks to the affordable price-point. 

All PosterCandy posters are of photo-quality and come in a range of sizes to suit standard IKEA frames.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New KitchenAid Artisan Deluxe Hand Blender - Blend, Chop, Whip, Puree, Mince, Shred and Froth with Ease

If you've been searching for a kitchen tool you' ll enjoy using every day, it's time to get excited: introducing the new KitchenAid Artisan Deluxe Hand Blender, available from April 2013 at quality kitchenware stores.

The KitchenAid Deluxe Hand Blender is a joy to use. Perfectly weighted with a rubber hand stick grip, its powerful 200-watt motor quietly blitzes through any culinary task, whether it's blending, shredding, mincing, chopping, whipping, pureeing or frothing.

The KitchenAid Deluxe Hand Blender is great for any small, daily job that requires a quick, smooth and uniform result. Be it for simple tasks such as pureeing soups and baby food with the 'S' Blade, or more adventurous culinary creations like whipping up batches of fresh herb mayonnaise with the 'Whisk', chimmichurri marinades and spice rubs or exotic curry pastes in the 'Chopper,' or healthy breakfast smoothies for one in the 'BPA-free jug' which comes as a standard inclusion.

A unique offering among its competitors, the KitchenAid Deluxe Hand Blender features a removable patented pan guard to prevent scratching cookware when pureeing soups and to protect the blade when it's not in use.

The sleek white handy storage case houses all the attachments neat, tidy and in the same place - so no more rummaging through cupboards and drawers looking for rogue pieces of equipment. It's also great for couples and apartment living, as it takes up minimal cupboard and bench space.

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Coastal Living with Laura Ashley

We are delighted to announce the new Coastal Living collection for the home from Laura Ashley.

The call of the coast lifts the spirit and allows a breath of fresh air into your home.

The Coastal Living collection is all about simplicity and comfort using a classic palette of new washed sea spray blues with neutral linens and white. Textured fabrics and slouchy upholstered furniture create a relaxed feel however far away from the waves your home is.

The Cabinet Furniture is the new Dorset range which is classically elegant featuring a gentle chalk wash that harmonises perfectly with the solid ash tops whilst contrast brushed steel effect handles and hinges introduce a contemporary twist.

Gorgeous home accessories pull it all together beautifully to create a calm, peaceful family retreat.

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Timeless Silhouettes from PaperCuts -
Only at Hardwick & Cesko

In a world of mass-production, these artworks stay true to their cultural heritage. This practice is about being mindful of detail, valuing the history and putting time into creating small items. The practice encourages the maker to be naturally meditative as they create. "Slow" ends up being a way of being.

The timeless silhouettes from PaperCuts have been revisited with vintage appeal. The 'Vintage Birds' collection are a set of 3 hand-cut and beautifully mounted PaperCuts, presented in a vintage look timber frame.

The new navy PaperCuts in white frame have a fresh and modern coastal feel. They also have a new gift card range with the papercut images translating into print perfectly to compliment the framed hand cut artworks. 

Each artwork is presented in PaperCuts' premium quality, contemporary frames with velvet backing, which are then lovingly boxed, labeled and ticketed.

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