Thursday, January 31, 2013

Four Steps To Cure Refrigerator 'Blindness'

Have you ever found yourself staring into your fridge thinking 'there's nothing to eat here'? Even if the shelves aren't bare?

Well my friend, you may be suffering from 'refrigerator blindness'. But the good news is you're not alone! 

Today we thought we'd share with you Stone Soup's 4 easy steps you can take to cure this pesky disease. It will save you extra trips to the grocery store or from 'dialling a pizza'. And it means you'll be eating what you have rather than letting it go to waste. Talk about win! win! win!

4 steps to cure refrigerator 'blindness':

STEP 1. Get all the likely suspects out in the open.
It's difficult to see what you're working with when everything is packed into the fridge. It will only take a minute or so but spreading things out on your kitchen bench top or table will make all the difference.

STEP 2. Group items which might go together.
Try looking for things that seem like they'd be nice together. Also group items which need eating up the most.

STEP 3. Quickly scan your pantry / freezer for reinforcements.
A can of tomatoes, some canned chickpeas, par-cooked rice, stock cubes, coconut milk. And in the freezer look for things that won't take ages to defrost like frozen peas, stock frozen in small containers or sliced bread.

STEP 4. Choose from one of the time-tested refrigerator meal formats below and get cooking!

i. Soup / stew
Best for cooler weather. This is the first port of call for a leftover lunch or dinner. Because the leftovers have been hanging around the fridge for a few days, your soup will often end up with surprising depth of flavour.

ii. Tapas plate
You know how you can make a whole meal out of little bits and pieces in a tapas bar. There's no reason you can't do the same at home! This is great for leftover bits and pieces that don't look like they'd be improved by simmering in a pot together.

iii. 'Composed' salad
Similar to the tapas plate but serve everything on a bed of dressed salad leaves.

iv. Sandwich or wrap
First you need to make sure you've got bread or wraps. Remember you can use lettuce leaves or collard greens for a healthy low-carb wrap alternative. This is especially good with leftover ham or turkey from Christmas or Thanksgiving.

v. Good things on toast
If you have bread and the weather is cooler, heating up leftovers and serving on hot buttered toast is a winner. For bonus points grate some cheese over the top and put everything under the grill until bubbling and golden.

Refrigerator Soup

The recipe below might seem a little 'weird' but basically it's a template to help you make a soup that's going to taste great. Make sure you check out the suggestions below for ideas of the types of ingredients to use.

Use this 'template' if you're feeling a bit nervous, but more experienced cooks can just go ahead and add things to the pot as they like...

enough for 1:
1 1/2 cups liquid
about 250g (1/2lb) solid ingredients, chopped into bite sized chunks
small handful highlight ingredient, optional

1. Add liquid to the pot and bring to a simmer.

2. Add your chosen solid ingredients. Cover and simmer until everything is hot and cooked through.

3. If you feel like a smoother or thicker soup, whizz with a stick blender until partially or fully pureed. Taste and season.

4. Serve in deep bowls topped with your highlight ingredient, if using.

liquid - water, stock, stock or bullion cubes or powder made up with water, leftover wine (not recommended on its own, mix with water to dilute), tomato paste mixed with water, unsweetened coconut milk, curry powder (combined with water or coconut milk), vegetable juice, miso paste mixed with water, canned tomatoes (chop before using).

solid ingredients - pretty much anything goes here. Just use your judgement, if you think it will work when you try and imagine the ingredients together it probably will. Leftovers are great such as leftover risotto, salad bits, or cooked lentils, raw vegetables, cooked vegetables, cooked meats, cured meats. And don't forget to check the pantry and freezer for things like canned legumes, noodles, frozen peas, breadcrumbs etc.

highlight ingredient - natural yoghurt, sour cream, pesto, a good drizzle of olive oil, butter, toasted nuts (especially pine nuts), finely sliced prosciutto, fresh herbs, soft cheese such as ricotta, goats cheese, blue cheese, grated hard cheese such as parmesan or cheddar. Mayo or aioli are also great soup toppings (think the french classic bouilabaise).

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