Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cut Down Your Sugar Intake this Easter with Well Naturally

Easter brings to mind many things for different people, whether it’s religion, family, new life or baby chickens. One thing that nearly everyone thinks of is chocolate. This Easter holiday, Well Naturally is working to cut down Australia’s sugar intake and encourage healthy ‘treating’ habits through their better-for-you chocolate range. 

Well Naturally Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate is made of 70% cocoa and is sweetened naturally with plant-derived stevia (which has zero calories), to give the chocolate hit needed on Easter morning without the unnecessary calories. It is high in natural antioxidants, and free of chemical sweeteners and all artificial colours or flavours. It is also low GI, providing a slow release of energy so there’ll be no need for that mid-afternoon holiday nap!

Well Naturally Sugar Free Dark Chocolate is available in seven flavours to suit every taste: Rich Dark, Mint Crisp, Valencia Orange, Caramel Crisp, Almond Chip, Cherry Delight and Licorice Classic.

Well Naturally R&D Director, Wladimir Budnik, says, “The key difference between our dark chocolate and our milk chocolate is that milk contains lactose, which has natural sugars within it. However, as both are sweetened naturally with stevia, both products are the healthier choice when it comes to chocolate - because we’ve eliminated all excess sugar. And let’s face it, avoiding chocolate on Easter is near-impossible!”

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