Friday, March 29, 2013

Chillax with an all-natural sleep drink

Although everyone struggles to get to sleep at one time or another, many of us are hesitant to take sleeping pills for fear of overdose or addiction. As a result, Vitality Brands has launched an all-natural relaxation and sleep drink, Chillax.

Chillax Natural Sleep Drink is a unique blend of Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice and Lactium, both of which are clinically proven to aid sleep. The drink is naturally sweetened with Stevia to enhance the taste.
  • 100% natural no artificial flavours or ingredients.
  • Chillax is non-addictive with no risk of overdose.
  • No sedative effect the following day.
  • Best taken about an hour before bedtime to slowly relax you before you sleep.
  • Helps get your body clock back into rhythm (very good for travelling if you experience bad jetlag)!
  • Safe for the whole family.
Available in 90mL shots, RRP $3.50 at


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