Thursday, April 11, 2013

Be a Bonne Maman With These All-Natural Conserves

Crafted in the French village of Biars, Bonne Maman – which translates to good mother in French – embodies the tenderness and generosity of home cooking.

The Bonne Maman range of all-natural conserves are made with no artificial colourings or preservatives, giving your mum the finest in quality and taste on her special day.

Available in 15 timeless flavours such as Strawberry, Apricot, Fig, Blueberry, Orange, Marmalade, Damson Plum and more, Bonne Maman's conserves work equally well on a slice of sourdough toast or a croissant, or as a savoury accompaniment
to brioche or poached eggs.

Consisting of a minimum of 50% real fruit, each conserve features tasty fruit chunks for added texture and a juicy sweetness that gives Bonne Maman its delicious flavour.

Treat your mother to the homemade taste and goodness of Bonne Maman this Mother's Day (or any day!) - available in Independent, Coles and Woolworths stores throughout Australia, 370g, RRP $4.99.

For further information, visit Menora Foods.


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