Monday, April 8, 2013

New Profiline Roasting Rack gets the most from your roast

Profiline, maker of long-lasting, premium quality, Australian owned cookware, has released a new addition to its 3-Ply range for the home cook: introducing the new Profiline Roasting Rack.

The unique corrugated design with perforations is an easy to clean alternative to traditional wire roasting racks. At 29cm x 20.5cm, it fits as a standalone piece in any standard roasting pan – elevating meat for better heat circulation to evenly cook and brown. The single piece of professional grade stainless steel with perforations will last a lifetime, and offers superior heat distribution and retention.

“The Profiline Roasting Rack is a superior choice to traditional roasting racks. As a chef I’m constantly looking for innovative, useful equipment for the kitchen – that will do its job consistently and exceptionally well. The Profiline Roasting Rack ticks all the boxes for any home cook with a similar philosophy,” said Ian Curley, Executive Chef at Melbourne’s The European restaurant, who uses Profiline cookware. 

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