Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sleek Profiline non-stick Crêpe Pan Now in Store

Profiline, maker of long-lasting, premium quality, Australian owned cookware, has released a new 24cm Profiline 3Ply Non-stick Crêpe Pan for the home cook.

The gently sloped edges of the new Profiline 3Ply Non-stick Crêpe Pan are custom made for easy flipping of a delicate crêpe. Be it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert, the French classic has never been easier or more enjoyable to make thanks to the sleek design, and ergonomic handle of this newest addition to Profiline’s 3Ply domestic range.

So whether you’re whipping up a simple batch of light and luscious crêpes for Saturday morning breakfast, or trying a more elaborate dinner party dish of soufflé crepes, the Profiline 24cm non-stick Crêpe Pan is a trusty ally to help ensure perfect results, every time.

Ian Curley, Executive Chef at Melbourne’s The European and user of Profiline cookware, has three top tips for perfect crêpes:

1. Get the best available ingredients – free-range eggs, milk, flour, sugar and butter,
2. Use a good tried and tested recipe from a reliable source, and
3. Invest in the right equipment. 

“Simply put, if you haven’t got the right equipment, don’t bother. The Profiline Crêpe Pan is an essential tool for making crêpes whether you’re a novice cook, or a serious gourmand. When you have a piece of equipment like this available you’ll instantly see a dramatic difference in the quality, texture and ease of preparing your crêpes.” 

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