Monday, May 27, 2013

How Marvellous - Stationery and Leather Goods

Marvellous from ROOSTfilmco on Vimeo.

Stationery and leather goods; not the most traditional pair but a perfect union at Marvellous. And that’s what Marvellous is all about, taking vintage styles and adding a modern touch that you’ll fall in love with.

As a completely Australian-owned company, special attention is taken to minimise any possible impact our goods may have on the environment. Marvellous aims to provide more than just functional, durable and quality stationery and leather goods, though they are all of those things too. 

Texture and technique is what Marvellous focuses on in every product. The stationery range is made from 100% cotton card stock, so you can be confident in their quality. Each card is created to perfectly fit a 6x4” photo frame to make the memories last longer. Marvellous uses a traditional letterpress technique to make an embossed effect on our cards, and provide custom dusty grey, blind embossed envelopes with every purchase. 

Each leather handmade product is hand crafted with love and care using traditional techniques such as lacing and hand tooling. Marvellous uses vegetable tanned leather, this means no nasty chemicals were used in it’s making and has a tendancy to soften and mould to how you use it over time. You can rest assured you’ll get plenty of use out of each Marvellous product.

Marvellous is excited to wholesale the initial stationery range and the pencil case from the handmade leather range. 

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