Friday, June 21, 2013

Gifts for Foodie Couples from Eliunt

You’re about to taste the finest Olive Oils from around the world thanks to the new Australian owned Extra Virgin Olive Oil gourmet range, Eliunt.

When garnishing your dish with Eliunt Extra Virgin Olive Oils, you are adding a final magic touch which allows the natural flavours of the food to dance on your palate.

The unique mix of flavours from 10 regions around the world will enhance all your dishes, whether it’s a canapé, main or even a dessert.

With the name inspired by the “Eliunts” who were Olive Oil farmers in ancient Italy, the company founder, Juan Hitos (originally from Spain, but resides in Australia), set out on an around-the-world trip to source the world’s finest Olive Oils.

“The results of this search are Oils with personalities as unique as the regions they come from. All were harvested using different techniques in various climates and altitudes. Some are strong and bitter due to early harvesting while others are subtle and soft as they are made from fully ripened olives,” Juan explains.

Each Olive Oil embodies a unique flavour and aroma so vastly different to their neighbouring countries. The entire Eliunt collection incorporates Sonoma (USA), Olivar (Spain), Anfora (Italy), Athena (Greece), Mount Ida (Turkey), Ahiram (Lebanon), Holy Oil (Jordan), Oasis (Tunisia), Tradico (Portugal) and Vitality (Australia).

Eliunt is the perfect gift for the foodie who has it all. So next time you need a present for a friend or want to thank someone for a lovely meal, forget the wine or box of chocolates, gift them with a beautiful collection from Eliunt. Eliunt packs come in a variety of options including;

The Compendium RRP $124,95
This package includes 10 fine Extra Virgin Olive Oils from around the world. Each has a unique and exquisite flavour, colour and aroma. Delight your senses and learn the story behind each of these special Oils. The Compendium Pack also incorporates a display holder the Oils and a hand-drawn booklet to transport you through the history of Olive Oil. Your journey is about to begin.

Make your own (three RRP $43.95 and five RRP $68.95 flavours)
Let your imagination fly around the globe and let your taste buds pick either three or five of your favourite Eliunt Olive Oils.

Intercontinental Gift Pack RRP $44.95 for three pack and RRP $69.95 for five pack
Olive Oils from the Intercontinental regions come from outstanding groves carefully selected. The three pack includes Italy, Australia and Lebanon. The five pack includes Oils from Jordan, Tunisia, Greece, USA and Australia.

Mediterranean Gift Pack RRP$44.95 for three pack and RRP $69.95 for five pack
Mediterranean Olive Oils are famous for their outstanding fruity aromas and flavours. The three pack includes Oils from Italy, Greece and Spain and the five Oils include Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal and Turkey.

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