Thursday, June 6, 2013

How Bride's Can Dress Their Homes

The International Institute of Home Staging, which offers the first and only interactive online home staging and property styling courses in Australia, has launched today to help budding designers learn the art and business of making homes attractive to buyers.

The demand for home staging professionals, has reached an all-time high in Australia, as real estate agents and vendors alike are realising how much it can impact final sale prices.

Naomi Findlay, Founder of The International Institute of Home Staging Staging said, "The courses offered are put together by a fantastic array of Australian design, styling and business mentors that provide great insight into what is a growing industry. It's designed to teach other people how they can make money on their own property sales or start their own property styling and home staging business," she says.

Naomi founded the International Institute of Home Staging after she enjoyed instant success with her own home staging business, SILK Home Staging & Styling. Naomi has been struggling to keep up with increasing demand, styling 100 houses over the past year and currently styling 30 per month.

Naomi explained, "The International Institute of Home Staging offers education at various levels, from introductory to more advanced certificate courses, giving students the tools and insights required to start their own successful home staging business just like mine, or even to just sell your own home for more."

Soon after launching her business, Naomi realised there was a huge demand for talented home stagers in Australia. It also concerned her that there was lack of a code of standards for the practice, so she set about using her education qualifications and her expertise in home staging to develop the formalised online courses to help the practice evolve locally.

Drawing on years of teaching, postgraduate qualifications in training and assessment, adult and tertiary education and a PhD on effective elements to education, Naomi designed the online courses not only to cover all of the theoretical and practical aspects of staging, but also to include subjects like business, cashflow, marketing and social media.

"The courses offered are put together by a fantastic array of Australian design, styling and business mentors that provide great insight into what is a growing industry. You too can make more money on your property sales or start your own property styling and home staging business," she says.

Home staging is a systematic process that involves many elements and aspects of maintenance, marketing and styling that, when combined, showcase a property's strong points. It is widely becoming acknowledged as an essential marketing tool when selling a property in the modern marketplace.

The results speak for themselves. After enlisting founder, Naomi Findlay's help, one homeowner received $30,000 more than they were expecting after forking out a mere $750 for styling. Another, after floating their property on the market for four months, spent $1990 on styling and sold it in seven days for $85,000 more than they were anticipating. And another, perhaps Naomi's favourite impressive example, spent $351 and went on to sell the property before auction for $155,000 more than the figure they'd had in mind!

This expertise, along with insights from other design, styling and business mentors, is designed to help Australian home owners, renovators, interior designers, property developers and budding entrepreneurs learn more about home staging so that they have the best chance of achieving the maximum sale price for their property in the least amount of time, or so that they can start their own home staging business.The industry response has already been enthusiastic. A selected group of industry professionals were offered a pre-release look at the Introductory Course provided by IIHS, including interior stylist and property stylist Emma Blomfield from Nest Designs. She found the course to be, "in-depth, exciting and well-structured, with real insights into the staging and styling world. The course gives you the skills and practical knowledge to confidently start your own staging and styling business. I loved the ease of the course and really feel that the way Naomi has written this course will set you up to succeed."

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