Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mindfulness at Work: How to Avoid Stress, Achieve More and Enjoy Life!

Mindfulness at Work: eliminate distractions, increase productivity, develop stronger leadership skills & reduce stress – advance copies available!

With ever increasing modern technology, it’s easy to become distracted by things at work that take away our focus from the tasks at hand. Mindfulness at Work (Exisle Publishing, $24.99, July 2013) is the complete guide to using mindfulness (the art of paying attention to what’s going on in our lives right now) to help us work more productively and overcome common workplace distractions. 

With over 20 years of both clinical and personal experience, Dr Stephen McKenzie provides readers with practical tools to increase productivity & decision making, reduce stress and develop stronger leadership skills. The book includes real life workplace examples, showcasing how certain techniques can be applied to any worker looking to increase focus in their occupation. Mindfulness at Work is a clearly written, comprehensive guide to decluttering our mind and improving our working life. 

Author Dr Stephen McKenzie has over 20 years of experience in researching and teaching a broad range of psychological areas, and is co-author of the highly successful book Mindfulness for Life.

Exclusive to Exisle Publishing.


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