Friday, April 26, 2013

The Card Shop – Give Mum the Perfect Card this Mother’s Day

We are excited to introduce The Card Shop, showcasing contemporary, distinctive and beautiful quality cards, perfect for Mother’s Day, Sunday 12th May. The Card Shop opened in Warringah Mall, Brookvale earlier this year, and will launch a national online store from the 1st May.

There is no better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than writing a beautifully crafted card, from heart, to pen, to paper. The Card Shop offers uniquely humourous, beautiful, creative and loving cards ideal for all special mums.

Mastering a unique balance of elegance and a flair for fun, The Card Shop provides thoughtful words of love and sentiment, playful styles and a variety of distinctive designs that can be from both men and women. From the paper quality to the prints, everything is carefully created using the highest quality standards and at an incredible price, saying 'Thanks Mum' in the most elegant and beautiful or humourous and quirky, yet cost-effective way. The stationary is all about the important connections in our lives, expressing to our loved ones our gratitude and sincere appreciation and love for who they are and what they mean to us.

Launching in time for Mother’s Day, the online store will provide a convenient way for customers to have their ideal card delivered to their mother’s doorstep for Mother’s Day, providing a first class service which is easy and hassle free to arrange with the click 
of a button.

Nicol Mason, Marketing Manager, states “We are thrilled to launch The Card Shop online, and just in time for Mother’s Day. We offer people something unique and premium in store, and now you can purchase any of our creative and contemporary cards online. Buying a card for Mother’s Day has never been so easy. These cards are distinctively different and there is such a wide range to suit all.”

The Card Shop is owned by a dynamic UK company called Chilli Marketing, who have brought their signature British touch of wit, style and colour to the card market. Chilli Marketing are owners of Australia’s largest Import Cider brand, Rekorderlig. The cards are all printed locally on recycled paper and range from $4.95 - $5.95 in price or 3 cards for $12.00.

The cards are designed internally by Chilli’s designers, Sally Young and Kerry Warwick, are constantly expanding the incredible range with unique designs for all occasions. In addition, a ‘Handcrafted’ range from the Northern Beaches creative artists Anita Waters (photography by Anita), and Sue Punton (A Card Act To Follow) sit alongside a stunning contemporary collection from Vogue Magazine photographer, Helen Cathcart.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New From Hardwick & Cesko - 'POP' Children's Single Bed

The latest creation to come out of Sydney's Hardwick & Cesko is the delightful 'POP' kids bed. 

"The design was inspired by a childhood spent fashioning houses, boats and rafts out of Paddle Pop sticks;" Designer, David Hardwick wanted the look and construction of the bed to be easily related to a child's own experience and understanding of the world. The soft, curved shapes and neon rope detail combine to create a safe, sturdy bed with a sense of adventure.

Materials: Bamboo board, pine and acrylic rope in neon pink or natural. Available in single & king single sizes, made in Australia. RRP from $1299.00.

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Understated Elegance - Vera Wang Wedgwood Sequin Crystal Stemware And Giftware Collection

Vera Wang has long been synonymous with the feminine sophistication and modern luxury she brings to each of her gowns. Instantly recognisable combinations of shape, silhouette and drapery paired with exquisite fabrics, detail and embellishment define this iconic designer’s unrivalled contribution to bridal fashion.

Vera Wang’s whimsical style and unique sensibility, adored and worn by many brides, forms the vision for her new Wedgwood Crystal and Stemware Collection so aptly named “Sequin.”

Of the many artistic elements Vera Wang utilises in her bridal collections, the subtle sparkle of sequins provided the inspiration for this dazzling new collection. Sequin’s myriad of delicate octagonal crystal cuts create a luminous display of natural 
crystal refraction.

Sequin stemware is ideal for gifting or use at home, effortlessly integrating into both a classical or modern setting. Available in Goblet, Wine, Flute and Champagne Saucer Pairs RRP $99.95 Pair.

Echoing the stemware’s sparkle, Sequin Giftware is captivating in its brilliance, thanks to the swaths of cut crystal sequins scattered across contemporary home décor shapes. All presented in signature Vera Wang gift packaging, creating luxurious gifting pieces. Available in Vase 23cm RRP $99.95, Vase 26cm RRP $149.00, Bowl 25cm RRP $199.00 and Centrepiece Bowl 33cm RRP $199.00.

Vera Wang Wedgwood “Sequin” available in selected Myer, David Jones and Independents nationally, enquiries please contact 1300 852 022 or visit Vera Wang.

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Be a Bonne Maman With These All-Natural Conserves

Crafted in the French village of Biars, Bonne Maman – which translates to good mother in French – embodies the tenderness and generosity of home cooking.

The Bonne Maman range of all-natural conserves are made with no artificial colourings or preservatives, giving your mum the finest in quality and taste on her special day.

Available in 15 timeless flavours such as Strawberry, Apricot, Fig, Blueberry, Orange, Marmalade, Damson Plum and more, Bonne Maman's conserves work equally well on a slice of sourdough toast or a croissant, or as a savoury accompaniment
to brioche or poached eggs.

Consisting of a minimum of 50% real fruit, each conserve features tasty fruit chunks for added texture and a juicy sweetness that gives Bonne Maman its delicious flavour.

Treat your mother to the homemade taste and goodness of Bonne Maman this Mother's Day (or any day!) - available in Independent, Coles and Woolworths stores throughout Australia, 370g, RRP $4.99.

For further information, visit Menora Foods.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Card Shop

We are excited to introduce The Card Shop, showcasing contemporary, unique and beautiful quality cards for every occasion at great prices. Whether you are sending personalised wedding invites, birthday cards, thank you’s, save-the-dates or dropping a quick hello, this utterly chic and vibrant store is a leading shopping destination for bespoke stationary and sensational cards.

The Card Shop is all about the important connections in our lives. With nearly every sentiment covered, The Card Shop provides thoughtful suggestions, playful styles and a variety of distinctive designs for men and women. From the paper quality to the prints, everything is carefully created using the highest quality standards at an incredible price.

The Card Shop is set to launch their website from the 1st May and the flagship store is currently now open in Warringah Mall, Brookvale. The cards are all printed locally on recycled paper and range from $4.95 - $5.95 in price or 3 cards for $12.00.

Mastering a unique balance of elegance and a flair for fun, The Card Shop revitalises this market. Providing a personal service for wedding invitations, christenings, birthday parties and thank you cards as well as an exquisite variety of stationery, it has something for everyone.

The Card Shop.

Monday, April 8, 2013

New Profiline Roasting Rack gets the most from your roast

Profiline, maker of long-lasting, premium quality, Australian owned cookware, has released a new addition to its 3-Ply range for the home cook: introducing the new Profiline Roasting Rack.

The unique corrugated design with perforations is an easy to clean alternative to traditional wire roasting racks. At 29cm x 20.5cm, it fits as a standalone piece in any standard roasting pan – elevating meat for better heat circulation to evenly cook and brown. The single piece of professional grade stainless steel with perforations will last a lifetime, and offers superior heat distribution and retention.

“The Profiline Roasting Rack is a superior choice to traditional roasting racks. As a chef I’m constantly looking for innovative, useful equipment for the kitchen – that will do its job consistently and exceptionally well. The Profiline Roasting Rack ticks all the boxes for any home cook with a similar philosophy,” said Ian Curley, Executive Chef at Melbourne’s The European restaurant, who uses Profiline cookware. 

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Friday, April 5, 2013

Laura Ashley's Bloomsbury Collection for the Home

We would like to introduce the Laura Ashley BLOOMSBURY collection for the home. 

Laura Ashley acquired the rights to a selection of Charleston House patterns 25 years ago and produced a memorable collection in 1987 featuring a number of designs. Ever since then, the designs have been carefully stored in the archive but as Laura Ashley are now celebrating their 60th Anniversary this year, they felt the time is right for a revival.

Chosen are two of the original, bold, freely painted patterns plus some later Cressida Bella scarf designs. The colour palette is in keeping with one of the original 1987 colourations of Queen Mary, including Jade, Plum, Primrose and Steel Grey.

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sleek Profiline non-stick Crêpe Pan Now in Store

Profiline, maker of long-lasting, premium quality, Australian owned cookware, has released a new 24cm Profiline 3Ply Non-stick Crêpe Pan for the home cook.

The gently sloped edges of the new Profiline 3Ply Non-stick Crêpe Pan are custom made for easy flipping of a delicate crêpe. Be it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert, the French classic has never been easier or more enjoyable to make thanks to the sleek design, and ergonomic handle of this newest addition to Profiline’s 3Ply domestic range.

So whether you’re whipping up a simple batch of light and luscious crêpes for Saturday morning breakfast, or trying a more elaborate dinner party dish of soufflé crepes, the Profiline 24cm non-stick Crêpe Pan is a trusty ally to help ensure perfect results, every time.

Ian Curley, Executive Chef at Melbourne’s The European and user of Profiline cookware, has three top tips for perfect crêpes:

1. Get the best available ingredients – free-range eggs, milk, flour, sugar and butter,
2. Use a good tried and tested recipe from a reliable source, and
3. Invest in the right equipment. 

“Simply put, if you haven’t got the right equipment, don’t bother. The Profiline Crêpe Pan is an essential tool for making crêpes whether you’re a novice cook, or a serious gourmand. When you have a piece of equipment like this available you’ll instantly see a dramatic difference in the quality, texture and ease of preparing your crêpes.” 

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sweet Macaron Love!

The Cheesecake Shop brings macarons to mix it with the best to your table!

Australia's sweetest bakery, The Cheesecake Shop, has just launched a range of melt in the mouth macarons that will rival any patisserie. 

Inspired by The Cheesecake Shop's best-selling cheesecakes, the range features four mouthwatering flavours, including Choc Caramel, Strawberry Shortcake, Lemaron and Passionfruit. 

Available nationwide at selected The Cheesecake Shop stores as a pack of six for $9.95 or individually for $2.00, macarons are another affordable luxury from The Cheesecake Shop.

Visit The Cheesecake Shop for more yummy desserts and store locations.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

MOR Cosmetics - Deluxe Soy Candle a new addition to Marshmellow Collection in April

Botanical gardens of flirtatious flowers create a whimsical journey for the ultimate in feminine decadence. The indulgent Marshmallow range contains an assortment of fragrant, yet beneficial products such as the Bathing Elixir, Body Oil, Sugar Crystal Body Scrub plus many more to complete the most luxurious bathing ritual.

Opulent floral decadence entwined with the elegance of sweet Vanilla Musk exudes from this sleek glass hobnail vessel complete with its own tasselle snuffer. Filled with a Soy Wax blend and containing a 100% cotton leadfree wick, the flickering candle light and delicate scent will add a nostalgic ambience to any room.

The Deluxe Soy Candle Keepsake Box has been inspired by a classical beautiful English Rose Garden with a touch of Victoriana, which has been printed on each side of the box. The beautiful Keepsake Box features a hand tied, satin, gold foiled ribbon and has been finished with the Marshmallow logo in gold foiling on top.

The luxurious Hobnail Vessel itself is a sleek, high gloss vessel featuring a lid that can be used as a snuffer too. Finally, this unique vessel has been completed with pink tassel which can also be kept as a keepsake.

Vanilla Musk with Jasmine Flower gloriously rapture in this pretty, feminine fragrance. Sugar dipped Rose Petals with White Carnation & Cotton Candy blend beautifully to create a deliciously sweet perfume.
  • Wonderful soft scent throw.
  • 100% cotton lead-free wick.
  • Made from Soy Wax for a cleaner, longer burn.
  • Burn time up to 60 hours.
  • Presented in a beautiful, elegant black hobnail vessel.
  • The perfect occasion gift. 
  • Lovely decorative item for bridal garden tea parties.
  • This product is not tested on animals.
The Deluxe Soy Candle hits stores at the end of this April! For more information please visit

Monday, April 1, 2013

A Royal Moroccan Treat for Mother's Day

Struggling to find the perfect gift for mum this Mother's Day? The luxurious Royal Moroccan range complete with six beautifully scented hair treatment and styling products will ensure mum receives a gift she won't forget, without breaking the bank.

Enriched with natural ingredients including Argan oil, the cult-item-in-waiting Royal Moroccan Serum Treatment, will leave hair feeling stronger and looking lustrous. This non-greasy, light weight formula is suitable for all hair types and an essential for every woman's beauty kit. With a modest price tag of RRP $29.95, this 100mL of Royal Moroccan Serum Treatment is value in a bottle and a surprise mum is sure to love.

Help mum revitalise and repair her locks with Royal Moroccan Hair Mask Treatment. This intensely moisturising solution will come to the rescue of dry and damaged hair, transforming it from dull and lifeless to shiny and full-bodied.

Put the spring back into mum's step and bounce back into her hair this Mother's Day with Royal Moroccan. 

All Royal Moroccan products are available from Priceline, with 30% off from Friday 3rd May until Tuesday 14th May 2013. Products are also available from